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Agency Pick Up & Shopping Hours

Posted January 8th, 2014 in Uncategorized.

Mondays: 10 am – 4 pm (transactions must be completed by 3:45 pm)
Tuesdays thru Fridays: 9 am – 4 pm (transactions must be completed by 3:45 pm)

Closures due to weather will be listed on by 7:15 am, under Feeding America West Michigan

Update on USDA Reporting Requirement

Posted April 21st, 2014 in Uncategorized.

As previously announced, we will soon be implementing a monthly reporting requirement for those agencies distributing USDA commodities to their clients.  We have since received updated information that clarifies which USDA agencies will be required to report on the number of households served:

Only grocery programs, like pantries and mobile pantries, will be required to report on a monthly basis, using their USDA sign in form to determine the number of households.

Congregegate meals – group homes, soup kitchens, and shelters – are exempt from this reporting requirement just as they are exempt from using the USDA sign in form.

The projected timeline remains the same as originally announced. In addition, you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to submit your reports on Wednesday, April 30, so please hold any questions on that topic until then.  For all other questions, please follow the contact order provided with the general PWW rollout.

Tip & Tricks for Online Ordering: Edition 1

Posted April 10th, 2014 in Tips & Tricks for Online Ordering.

If you’re just getting started with our new online ordering system, Primarius Web Window (PWW), we think you’ll find that a lot of it is very intuitive. For some of the more obscure areas, though, we thought you might want some help discovering the answers, so we’re posting articles like this one. Today’s edition explains:

1) How to start an order – find out where the click-able “order entry” text is hidden in plain sight.
2) How to view all products on a single screen – it can take a little while to load a new page, so we’ll teach you to just change pages once.
3) How to identify purchased product – our conventions are changing, but PWW makes it even easier to see (or even exclude) purchased product.

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PWW training at Comstock Park

Posted April 8th, 2014 in Uncategorized.

Looking for the small group trainings we promised in the PWW rollout announcement?  Elianna will be leading them at our Comstock Park warehouse every morning just before we open for agency order pick up:
Wednesday April 9 – 8:50 AM
Thursday April 10 – 8:50 AM
Friday April 11 – 8:50 AM

Monday April 14 – 9:50 AM
Tuesday April 15 – 8:50 AM
Wednesday April 16 – 8:50 AM
Thursday April 17 – 8:50 AM
Friday April 18 – 8:50 AM

Need a different time? Email with your request, and she’ll let you know if she can add it to the schedule.

Attention Agencies Currently Receiving USDA Products:

Posted April 2nd, 2014 in Uncategorized.


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Time to Try PWW – Our New Online Ordering System

Posted March 26th, 2014 in Uncategorized.

As you may have seen in a recent email from Elianna or Teresa, it is time for all of our traditional agency accounts (food pantries, soup kitchens, group homes, etc. – but NOT mobile pantries) to transition to our upgraded online ordering system, Primarius Web Window (abbreviated PWW).

Here are some of the advantages of the new system:

  • Connects to live data which means that the available quantities are current; each time you select a quantity of product it is immediately reserved in our inventory for you (you may have noticed that under the old POL system, you were not always getting all your product and the pick lists would be marked “n/a” for “not available”. That’s because there was a 45 minute to 1 hour lag between when you would place your order and when the order reached our internal inventory system.  The new system completely eliminates that lag which means we should not have that problem any more).
  • Able to print a shopping list.
  • Able to place your order on line.
  • Able to check on orders, statements, invoices, and grants.  On many of the tables (such as Statements, Invoices, Orders) double left clicking on the line will produce a new window with more details.
  • Some of the Agency information will also be displayed graphically.
  • Able to select a unique time for product pick up  (we have set up multiple locations for each agency pick up door – or “locations” for the warehouses where agencies share a door – so there will be a certain number of timeslots available for each time interval that get reserved in real time just like the product on the food list. There are 6 doors in Comstock Park, 1 in Cadillac, 2 “spots” in Ishpeming, and 3 “spots” each in Benton Harbor and Sault Ste. Marie. We will be turning off the old POL system in mid-April, so you should begin treating your pick up times like appointments now.  Once everyone is reserving their pick up time through PWW, you can count on priority consideration when you select your pick up time.)

This system is also designed to enable unique user names and passwords for each agency representative, though that is where our software provider’s additional charges come into play.  We are planning to start most agencies off with only one username and password, and we are reserving the right to pass a fee along to agencies that would like additional usernames and passwords.

To begin, we have set most agencies’ log in information with the following variables:

Agency Reference: this is your five-digit agency number
Username: for most agencies, this is your agency number again
Password: for most agencies, this is the same as your current password for the POL.

PLEASE NOTE: Many UP agencies have different username and password combinations. EUP agencies should have received an email with their username and password information.  Any CUP agencies who discussed their arrangements with Dave should refer to the results of that conversation (though in some instances, that means the password is the same as the username; for security purposes, we would recommend changing the password to something that would be more difficult to guess).

There are several options for training:

1) Just jump right in! Click on the PWW tab to the left, and start entering your log in information.

2) Get a quick walkthrough on the basics by reading our one-page handout at

3) Get more in depth instructions, with pictures of what you’ll see online by reading the manual from the software provider at

4) Attend an in-person training at our Comstock Park warehouse. Training times are listed here.

We’re planning to add video to this list, too – when it’s ready, we’ll post it here as well.

If you’ve already tried options 2 and 3, can’t make it to a training, and just can’t seem to get the system to work, please use the following contact options:

Comstock Park agencies:

Mondays: Nancy Ullrey – 616-389-6358
Tuesdays: Elianna Bootzin – 616-389-6349
Wednesdays: Nancy Watson – 616-432-6962
Thursdays: Jude Smith – 616-389-6362
Fridays: Elianna Bootzin – 616-389-6349

Benton Harbor agencies:

Start by contacting your Branch Manager, Rich Glista – 269-926-2646.
If he’s not available, or you’ve tried unsuccessfully to solve the issue together, use the Comstock Park contacts above.

NW & UP agencies:

Start by contacting your Branch Manager:
Cadillac – Lorrie Sluiter – 231-779-0056
Ishpeming – Dave Mason – 906-485-4988
Sault Ste. Marie – LeeAnn Izzard – 906-632-0348

If the Branch manager is unavailable, or you’ve tried unsuccessfully to resolve the issue together, get in touch with your Agency Services Representatives,
Don Swick,, 616-432-6967, or
Stefanie Greene,, 616-432-6968


Also: as we roll out this new system, we are interested in running one or more articles on this site with tips and tricks to help you use the new system better.  If you’d like to contribute on either of those topics (whether it’s because you’ve gotten stumped or you’ve found a neat solution), please write to with your comments.