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Food Stamp Distribution Dates Changing in 2011

Posted December 28th, 2010 in Uncategorized.

From the Food Bank Council of Michigan:

The Michigan Department of Human Services will be implementing changes to the dates when clients are issued their food assistance benefits on their bridge cards.  This change will begin in January and last through 2011.  This change is meant to help grocery stores stock fresh, perishable foods all month long and improve access for clients.

In order to help the transition for the 1.9 million people currently in the program, we will all need to help inform clients and our networks about how the change will affect individuals so that we can avoid food shortages or inconvenience from this change.  There will be lots of questions about how the change will work, along with requests for emergency food.

This issue has received some news coverage; you can find one example here.  The Department of Human Services poster announcing the change (with benefit availability dates for the year) is here.