Where our food comes from

Your Food Bank distributes surplus food – good food that would otherwise wind up in landfills. This high-quality food comes from generous farmers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

It’s good food that ought to be eaten. But often donors can’t sell this food for various reasons, none of which reduces its quality. Farmers have bumper crops. Manufacturers have package misprints. Wholesalers have transportation problems. Restaurants and stores over-order.

Although it’s simpler just to toss surplus food, our donors call us instead. We pick up the food as needed, or they divert their trucks to one of our eight warehouses.

The donated food includes tons of fresh produce, meats, dairy, frozen goods and other perishables, along with longer-lasting foods. Donors count on us to sort, store, pack and send it all out safely, observing all industry recalls and adhering to the highest professional, state and federal standards.

View a list of our 2013 top product donors.

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